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Скачать Моды на Sonic Dimensions

Sonic Dimensions / Измерения Соника. Дата выхода игры: Дата выхода игры в России: n/a Жанр: Аркада.  Как cкачать · Как раздать · Правильно оформить · Поднять ратио! Скачать Sonic Dimensions / Измерения Соника [, Аркада] - торрент.  Я фан соника и я её скачаю!Недавно узнал что соник фан ремикс заморозили,очень обидно стало,но в это полюбому поиграю! Название: Измерения Соника Sonic Dimensions Год выхода: Жанр: Аркада Разработчик: SuperSonic68 Издатель: SuperSonic68 Site: Язык интерфейса: Английский  Sonic R. Crysis () PC | Мод. Настоящий герой / Real Hero.

The Acceleration skill gives a much greater Speed increase than it does in the un-modded game.

Please Log In using your linked facebook. The "Super Sonic Generations: And then the game actually plays a bit differently once you start using skills and the Hyper Sonic transformation Additionally, the "Super Sonic Generations: The Barrier, Ring Time, Power Sneakers, and the 3 elemental shields can all be used 5 times within a single stage, instead of only once or twice.

Additionally, most HUD assets have been modified to match up with the altered character models.

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Report problems with download to support gamepressure. Hyper Sonic is a LOT faster than normal, and only loses 1 ring every second instead of losing 2 or 4 rings per second. The "Super Sonic" skill has been changed into a "Hyper Sonic" skill.

Do note that Modern "Super" Sonic is unable to utilize the extra "jumps" granted by the Elemental Shields. Save File" mod includes 10 normally impossible skill sets. However, the increased speed can make Hyper Sonic a bit more difficult to control.

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