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flippingbook publisher 2.5

You are now downloading Flipping Book Publisher for PDF Pro This trial download is provided to you free of charge. FlippingBook Publisher   Now FlippingBook Publisher detects links containing capital letters, hyphens, and dots better. 13 руб. Windows. FlippingBook Publisher — программа для создания электронных журналов и газет, каталогов продукции и услуг, буклетов.

Minor, but important bug fixes.

FlippingBook Publisher - программа для изготовления онлайн и офлайн каталогов, журналов и газет, презентаций.

Following a link to a zoomed publication page opened a normal page in the Flash version. The bug seen when converting some old projects and skins has been fixed. Links have become more noticeable due to flash effects.

Учитывает при всех операциях совместимость принтеров и картриджей. Google Analytics can now be used in publications in Basic and Professional editions! We also added a context menu for links in the mobile version.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.7

Кроме того, программа поддерживает тесную интеграцию с облачным сервисом Publ, который позволит легко сохранить созданную книгу в онлайн хранилище или поделиться своим творением с другом.

Another improvement for user-hosted publications: Sometimes, the software crashed when it was running for a long time. Extracting links from a PDF has been improved. Вы можете удалять целые объекты, попавшие случайно в кадр, а также инструментом пластика изменять форму и пропорции. Links were highlighted before the page had fully loaded in the mobile version.

Rarely text with transparency was shown incorrectly after importing a PDF. A redesigned library for your publ.

Основная информация о программе

FlippingBook Publisher offers a wide range of possibilities for publishers, advertisers, web-designers, entrepreneurs and trainers: PDF downloads are now available in the mobile version. IP Anonymization for Google Analytics has been enabled for all publications by default. The embed code for publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud has been updated. The Publication share window has been redesigned. Дополнительные возможности электронной публикации В страницы электронного издания можно интегрировать видео, аудио, анимацию, интерактивный контент.

E-Commerce item description opened when following a link to a zoomed publication page in the mobile version. We have polished the way the flip effect works.

Publication windows Share, Print, etc. It means that you can additionally monitor visitor behavior, real-time statistics, interaction with social networks, E-Commerce and many other KPIs. Are your readers still dowloading PDFs from your site?

Explore Flippingbook Publisher, Flip Books, and more!

Integration with Google Universal Analytics is now available. PDF import perfomance has been improved. Встроенный редактор позволяет менять цвета, градиенты и многие другие атрибуты. Content added on a page like links and videos was lost if the page was replaced by another one of a different size. Previously, if one uploaded a broken Table of Contents file into a project, a critical error appeared.

Hyperlinks on publication pages stopped working after the project PDF was re-imported and the project was saved. Flash project is still supported. In a multi-level Table of Contents each new level shifted further to the right, which caused the table to display incorrectly.

Tooltips are now available for both internal and external links in the publication.

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A QR code has been added to the share window in publ. Поддержка всех планшетов и смартфонов. The displayed total number of pages on the upper panel of the publication can now be disabled.

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Update your publications to HTML5 and rest assured that your clients can open and enjoy them in any browser. Take advantage of FlippingBook technology and your audience will feel the difference.

Now you can convert your old projects to HTML5 without recreating each publication from scratch yay! Avoid hosting headaches with our Cloud. The problem with displaying some symbols in the Table of Contents of the mobile version has been solved. Основные настройки FlippingBook Publisher и функционал электронных изданий: The security of offline publications has been improved.

When you worked on several projects, Publisher took up too much RAM; this has been fixed. Previously, the book slid down and covered the Bottom Menu when the Top Bar was hidden.

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